Road Transportation

Road transportation is one of the most common types of cargo delivery both in local and international traffic. Transportation by road is most suitable for work inside the country, with the countries of Europe, CIS and the Middle East. More than seventy percent of goods between Ukraine and the EU are transported by road.

The «Marine Container Service Ltd.» Company provides goods delivery by road in all settlements of our country and the countries of near and far abroad. The partnership with leading carrier companiesalways allows us to offer reliable service to the customer, including transportation of off-clearance and dangerous loads byspecific motor transport.
How to choose the best vehicle, if it expedient to reload or to send the cargo together with the container, how to secure undamagedand safe delivery of your goods to the warehouse? – All these and other questions you can solve with the help of our experts.

We provide the following services:

  • cargodelivery to all cities of Ukraine;
  • delivery of different types of goods by road from/to anywhere in Europe and Asia, including off-clearance and dangerous loads;
  • delivery of small consignment as a part of assorted lading;
  • registration of all shipping documents required for domestic and international traffic;
  • cargo insurance;
  • preservationof the transported cargo;
  • twenty-four-hourmonitoring of cargo traffic.

Throughout the process of road transportation our staff constantly monitors the cargo trafficalong the way, in such a way ensuring the safety, timeliness and efficiency of the traffic. Our customers can always get full information about the location of the goods, the planned loading dates, departure and arrival at the destination.