Bulked and General Cargo Transshipment

Forthe sea or river transportation of general cargo, it is necessary first to take care of their transshipment in the port.

The selection of the port through which the goods will be delivered, to a greater extent depends not on the geographic location, but on its freight specialization (dry bulk, liquid bulk, general, timber cargoes, grain, etc.), port parameters (length of berths, depth and etc.) and the possibility of the necessary cargo operations implementation.

Usually commercial ports execute the following works: the reception of cargo, operations with land vehicles, disembarkation to the site or warehouse, storage and warehouse operations, shipping/unshipping of vessels, additional cargo operations (stowage, separation, fastening, fumigation, quantification, etc.), the necessary paperwork (receiving acts, manifestos, cargo-plans,orders for cancellation, bills of lading, etc.), agential vessels services

To accomplish all of these types of work in the port, there are stevedoring, forwarding, surveyor, warehouses and other companies. The «Marine Container Service Ltd.» Company, being engaged in the organization of cargo transshipmentin the port, being the representative of the cargo owner and acting in his interests, take its aim at theaccurate coordination of the activities of all participants in the transfer process.

Depending on the type of cargo, its packaging and storage conditions, the port providesthe intended for this open site, indoor storage, etc. At that the volume of one-time storage and the period of privileged (free) storing (if any) is agreed separately.

For the organization of cargo transshipment in the port the following information must be provided:

  • Data about your company and contact information;
  • Data about the goods:
  • name, the total weight or volume
  • monthly cargo volume or the size of the ship’s consignment
  • kind of packaging
  • the weight of the freightsite, the size of the freight site, the number of sites in the consignment
  • specific loading volume
  • hazard class
  • period of the transshipment services provision
  • special cargo storage requirements, specific requirements for the mechanization of cargo-handling works.