Documents for Container

  • The original bill of lading (3 copies);
  • The order –a letter of instructions (for the order bill of lading);
  • Original commercial invoice (with translation);
  • Letter of authority for forwarding (the original);
  • Packing List (if the invoice does not specify the quantity of seats);
  • The certificate of origin (original);
  • Quality Certificate (for goods which are liable to certification);
  • Certificate of Compliance (for goods which are liable to certification);
  • Veterinary Certificate, the original (if the goods are of animal origin);
  • Phyto-certificate, the original (if the cargo is of vegetative origin);
  • Fumigation Certificate, the original (if the goods are liable to fumigation);
  • The letter of readiness to take the goods (if the bill of lading is not endorsed);
  • A copy of the commercial contract (if necessary);
  • A copy of the accreditation card (if necessary);
  • The letter of detachment from the regional customs (if necessary);

Please send us the documents only by courier service! In one package there should be only necessary documents, related to each specific case of goods shipment.

Do not send documents in addition, as it directly affects the speed of registration of your goods!

While sending mail, check that:

  • You put in an envelope three original bills of lading;
  • The number of seats in the bill of lading is the same as the number of seats in the invoice (packing), certificate of origin and other documents;
  • The weight of the goods in the bill of lading, certificates, packing lists and other documents is the same and represents the facts;
  • The container number and its prefix in all the documents are correct;
  • All documents are written out for the entire consignment of goods;

If the container is loaded with different goods, do not forget to send a packing list,breaking it down apiece.

If you have data about the extraadditions in the container, such as: promotional items, handouts, samples and, in general, everything that is not specified in the documents, be sure to let us know.

By sending us the documents, you accept responsibility for possible failures in the registration of your goods because of negligence in sending us documents, or deliberate misinforming us, which results in the complaints from the part of the governing authorities and, as a rule, transport stoppage, storage in the port, demurrage, etc. Below is a list of required documents: